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Animation of Adline's transformation

Inspiring Journey: Tumor to Triumph

Meet Adline. She had a tumor, known as Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma (JOF), that was growing at such a fast rate that it threatened her young life. Living in Coimbatore, India, with limited medical resources, her situation was dire. She needed immediate and expert intervention to survive, as the tumor would soon impede her ability to breathe. With the help of the World Craniofacial Foundation (WorldCF), she received the life-saving treatment she desperately needed.

In May 2023, Dr. S.M. Balaji, of the Balaji Dental, Craniofacial Hospital & Research Institute, and his team took on Adline’s challenging case. The surgery was complex and involved removing the tumor and reconstructing her jaw. To ensure Adline could breathe safely during the surgery, the team performed a tracheostomy. They then carefully removed the tumor and used a titanium plate and bone grafts to rebuild her jaw.

The surgery was a success, and Adline began her recovery. Three weeks later, she was healing well and transitioning from being fed through a tube to eating soft foods. Her strength and vitality were returning.

Four months after the surgery, Adline’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous. She is now a bubbly and outgoing child, enjoying her childhood to the fullest. A recent check-up showed positive signs of healing, and a CT scan confirmed good bone growth.

Adline is now at home with her family, riding her bicycle and laughing heartily—a testament to her newfound joy and health. And according to Dr. Balaji, her parents are incredibly grateful for the help they received from WorldCF.

As you can imagine, support is vital in helping children like Adline overcome their medical challenges and thrive. Often their journey is far from over as WorldCF kids typically have ongoing needs. Future surgeries are frequently necessary to ensure continued health and development.

We invite you to please join us in making a difference. Your support to WorldCF can provide the critical medical care that children like Adline need to survive and flourish. Whether you contribute financially, offer your prayers, or help spread the word about our mission, your involvement is a lifeline for these young lives. Together, we can ensure that more children like Adline have the chance to live healthy, happy lives.