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When WorldCF ambassador Lacie Carpenter wrote to Dr. Salyer a few years ago, she said, “Some blessings are disguised as challenges. But those are what make us stronger. For twenty-five years, my life has been full of blessings. . . . You transformed me on the outside, which strengthened who I am on the inside. You, other physicians, hospital personnel, and my mother helped me grow strong, grounded, determined to succeed, and love life.”

Lacie was born with a bilateral cleft lip, but with the help of the WorldCF, that early challenge has indeed proven to be a blessing. She grew up singing and playing all types of music, but the violin and fiddle became her life’s passion. She was trained as a classical violinist, yet country “fiddlin’,” Celtic, rock and roll, and bluegrass have always tugged at her heart. She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, with a degree in music education and a specialization in violin performance. She recently added a master’s in psychology to her training, and she plans one day to receive her license in music therapy.

Lacie is the winner of twelve East Texas Music Awards, and has been named Fiddler of The Year six times. She is the co-host of a new television series whose forty-eight live shows are airing throughout north Texas, featuring great talents from the state’s acoustic-music scene.

Recently, Lacie honored Dr. Salyer and the work of the foundation he initiated more than a quarter century ago by composing the song “Back Together,” which she dedicated to him and performs almost every time she steps on stage.

Oh, the world may bring you down / Turn you all around / Break your heart / Tear you apart / But I’ll put you back together

Like a mirror shattered / Broken and battered / If imperfection / Scars your reflection / I’ll put you back together

Lacie’s first CD, “Nothing Is Real,” is now available for purchase, which you can do—as well as learn much more about Lacie and her music, at her website.